Hospital Overhaul plus Functional Bathroom Interiors

Hospital Overhaul plus Functional Bathroom

Complete renovation of hospital to make it look more like a welcoming clinic. Bathroom addition offers a place for farmer to quickly restore energy more conveniently than the bathhouse.
AT - Asters Buildable Kitchen Retextures Interiors

AT – Asters Buildable Kitchen Retextures

some retextures for asters buildable kitchen mod, using my kitchen retextures. (at the moment Kitchen Redone and Barfyscorpion Matching) also includes matching alternative textures for the mini fridge.
Marnie's Ranch Seasonal Changes and Shane's Evolving Room Interiors

Marnie’s Ranch Seasonal Changes and Shane’s Evolving Room

Complete renovation of Animal Shop that changes with seasons. Includes 20 maps so home decor changes with seasons, but Shane's room will evolve and show growth after 8 and 14 Heart Events and deterioration if divorced. Between 8 and 14 hearts, Shane's room will also change on Saturdays and Sundays.
Wild Greenhouse Interior Interiors

Wild Greenhouse Interior

A greenhouse replacement map with new warps, animated features, a functional pond, and more.
Adventurer's Guild with Changing Seasons Interiors

Adventurer’s Guild with Changing Seasons

Complete renovation of Adventurer's Guild with interiors decorated using walls and floors from different mine levels that change seasonally. Includes 4 maps so decor of the shop changes with seasons. When your farmer walks in, they will feel they are entering the mines.
Wild Coop and Barn Reskin Interiors

Wild Coop and Barn Reskin

A set of cozy replacement maps for coops and barns with built-in lighting, hatchery/nursery pens, additional decorations, and unique animated visitors.
Enchanted Manor House Interiors

Enchanted Manor House

A larger floor plan than the original farmhouse with a more manor-like look and built-in accents and features.