Enchanted Manor House

Enjoy Stardew Valley with Enchanted Manor House, the mod that improves the game with more features. With Enchanted Manor House Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

A larger floor plan than the original farmhouse with a more manor-like look and built-in accents and features.

Heavily inspired by Bigger Farmhouse Map, Seasonal Garden Farmhouse, and Zem's Manor, all of which I love and highly recommend. 

Promo shots use the lovely Industrial Kitchen and Interior, as well as my bed and crib reskin and various walls and floors from my sets to show off the different decoration zones. Your starting interior will look different at the beginning (matching whatever your normal starting floors/walls are set to) and in different/vanilla recolor schemes. 

The 1.0.2 update includes two minor aesthetic/functional fixes, including the missing kitchen floor tile in farmhouse1. 


  • A larger floor plan than the original farmhouse with a more manor-like look.
  • A starter kitchen in the first house.
  • Every wall and floor is fully able to be decorated (see photos for a feel of different zones).
  • Some built-in lighting in hallways and around iron decorations, along with wooden room accents. 
  • A central atrium with a functional planter for decorating or growing crops.
  • The optional corner room has a balcony with a season and weather-dependent outdoor scene. 
  • The optional southern room is designed to look a bit like a patio/deck area.
  • Doesn't change the location of the kitchen, nursery, or spouse room for easy interaction with other mods that modify those.

Known Limitations:

  • Furniture may get lost in the walls during the first farmhouse upgrade only – pick it up beforehand, or temporarily disable this mod to grab it afterwards if it becomes an issue.
  • I couldn't get lights in the southern and corner rooms working correctly via the normal map making process, and so they have to be toggled via a content patcher config option, and can only be turned all “On” or all “Off” at the moment (I will probably add the ability to have lights on in only one or the other in a future update but I was juggling a lot of maps in this one already).
  • The cellar stairs like to show up partially even before you add the cellar – I am testing patches for this

*You can see a mismatch in the stair lengths in the promo photos, but I actually fixed this pre-release. 

Future Plans:

  • Add independent corner and southern room light toggles.
  • Add animated creatures outside the balcony, similar to my Ginger Island Farmhouse but matching the temperate zone. 
  • Add a toggle for the center planter for people who want a bare room. 

I hope you enjoy! My goodness farmhouse maps are complex to stitch together, so please forgive (and report) any temporary wonkiness

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 06 March 2023 11:02PM | Original upload: 20 February 2023 9:12AM | Created by: StarAmy | Uploaded by: StarAmy | Virus scan: Safe to use


Farmhouse2 w/ all extra rooms

Farmhouse2 w/ all extra rooms

Rainy day at the balcony

Farmhouse1 w/ spouse room

Farmhouse1 w/ spouse room

Starter Farmhouse

Starter Farmhouse



Farmhouse2 w/o extra rooms

Farmhouse1 w/o extra rooms

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