Alternate Bouquets

A simple texture pack to change the look of the in game bouquet (turns the bouquet into various colored roses).

Berry Snacks by Wickedy

Tired of spending so much time chowing down on tons of berries to fill your energy? I have the solution! Berry snacks to get your bar filled up faster


Adds plenty of new craftable items that you can decorate with or profit from.

Everlasting Flowers

A mod that adds Everlasting Flowers, artisan goods made from flowers, to make them both useful and (hopefully) pretty.

Wurmple Companion

A Wurmple companion that will follow you around in game. Includes a normal and shiny version.

Tasty Tofu

Adds in Tasty Tofu, made from Plentiful Harvest's soy.

Trinkets (Spanish)

Traducción del mod "Trinkets" creado por TheAppleSauceIsStale. Añade montones de nuevos objetos que podrás crear y usar como decoración o para ganar dinero.

Mini Mill

I got tired of the regular mill taking up farm space so i made a smaller one that also makes rhubarb into sugar and amaranth into flour