One-Ingredient Meal Items

One-Ingredient Meal

One-Ingredient meals that the farmer can make, using supplies bought from Pierre's. Especially useful with mods that add a kitchen to the first farmhouse.
Void Egg Recipes Items

Void Egg Recipes

Adds new recipes to the valley, all based on the normal egg recipes.
Truffle Recipes Items

Truffle Recipes

Makes truffles a cooking ingredient for 3 new recipes.
Ice Cream Replacer Items

Ice Cream Replacer

Replaces the ice cream texture to look like a vanilla flavored ice cream cone.
PPJA Artisan Valley Progression Update Items

PPJA Artisan Valley Progression Update

Are you bothered that the majority of the PPJA Artisan Valley Machines can be crafted right from the beginning of the game? This mod addresses that issue by making the machine recipes available only at a certain skill level or friendship level.UNOFFICIAL UPDATEOriginal mod by paradigmnomad
Hot Chocolate Coffee Alternative Items

Hot Chocolate Coffee Alternative

I'm not a coffee drinker. I made this mod, to be able to not lose out on the benefits of it, in-game, while sipping on comfy hot chocolate.
Forest Amber Items

Forest Amber

Adds amber crafts made from tree sap, seeds and artifacts.