Everlasting Flowers

Enjoy Stardew Valley with Everlasting Flowers, the mod that improves the game with more features. With Everlasting Flowers Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

A mod that adds Everlasting Flowers, artisan goods made from flowers, to make them both useful and (hopefully) pretty.

Everlasting Flowers Items

Everlasting Flowers
The main feature of this mod is, obviously, adding an entirely new category of artisan goods, the titular Everlasting Flowers, that are made with a special new “machine”, the Enchanted Crystal.

At the moment, there are 52 Everlasting Flowers – one corresponding to each of the vanilla flowers, two for dandelions and daffodils (because let's be honest, they are flowers and not forage) as well as a multicolored one that acts as a placeholder for modded flowers.
Additionally, all 19 flowers added by Mizu's Flowers, the three tree flowers from PPJA More Trees, Lumisteria's 19 flowers from their Flowers and Crops and the two flowers from Trinkets have their own unique sprites, descriptions and gift tastes.

The flowers are mainly intended to be sold for a decent amount of money compared to their unprocessed forms, however, they also make fairly good gifts. Some villagers love certain flowers, most like all of them, and Jas and Evelyn love them all. Vincent, however, is neutral to all of them (because let's be honest, what's he supposed to do with a flower in an unbreakable dome?). In addition to that, all potential vanilla spouses love Everlasting Roses. That leads us to…

Custom Gift Dialogue
If you have Custom Gift Dialogue Utility installed (and you really should, having NPCs react to what you give them is amazing!), some villagers will have unique reactions to being gifted an Everlasting Flower. As a rule of thumb, some have generic lines towards any flower while others react to their favorite flower turned everlasting. Everlasting Roses of any kind in particular act as a token of love and friendship and elicit particularly heartfelt reactions from the vanilla bachelors and bachelorettes once you have a sufficiently close bond – in other words, once you reach 9 or more hearts and start dating them.

If you use something to make the relationship platonic and fear you'll have everyone confess their never-ending love for you, though, don't worry – once you launch the game with Everlasting Flowers installed, it will generate a config file in the [CP] Everlasting Flowers folder that you can edit with GMCM (or a simple text editor, but I really recommend using GMCM). Using either option, you can decide whether you want the gift dialogue to play at all and which vilagers you want to have a romantic or platonic relationship with – see below for more information.

Quests and Events
Now you might be wondering how you actually unlock the crystal you need to turn normal flowers into everlasting ones. The answer is simple – magic! In either fall, summer or spring (see below), you'll receive a mail from the wizard in which he asks you to assist him in devising a spell that'll preserve flowers for eternity.
Once you've received that mail, head over to his tower to see an event that explains his theory and get a quest to bring him a certain flower. Once you've collected one and enter the tower again, you'll see another event that unlocks the crafting recipe for the crystal. With the recipe unlocked, you can craft the crystal using a diamond as well as 10 solar and void essences each.

One thing to note here: Neither of the two event scenes can be skipped because I thought they were too breathtaking to miss the follow-up quest and the crafting recipe are unlocked during the scenes, not afterwards. We don't want anyone to miss them, right?

One more thing to note here: The second event plays once you've seen the first one and enter the wizard's tower with the requested flower in your inventory. You don't actually have to give the flower to him! In case you can't get the scene to play, please make sure you have the required flower in your inventory, exit the tower if you're already in there and then re-enter – that should make it trigger.

Everlasting Flowers Items

Make sure you have the required mods linked in the “requirements” tab above. Just to reiterate, these are Content Patcher, JSON Assets and Producer Framework Mod as well as their respective dependencies. Additionally, install Custom Gift Dialogue Utility if you want unique gift reactions to specific flowers and PFM Automate if you want the “machine” added by Everlasting Flowers to work with Automate.

Once you've made sure you've got all the required mods, simply download Everlasting Flowers and extract it into your mods folder – that's it!

Everlasting Flowers Items

Mod Compatability
I'm happy to say Everlasting Flower is fully compatible with SVE, Less Ugly Town Interiors and Rasmodia: The events change slightly when either SVE or LUTI is installed so that no one ends up running into any furniture, walls or out of bounds. Additionally, if you use SVE and/or Rasmodia, both the mail delivering the quest and the quest entries in the notebook change to reflect the fact that Rasmodius goes by Magnus once you reach the necessary amount of hearts or that Rasmodia is, in fact, a woman.

As I already noted above, the mod will automatically generate a config file in Everlasting Flowers' CP folder. You can edit the config using either any text editor or the far better option, GMCM. The options are fairly self-explanatory, but here's some more info:

  • Unlock can be either spring, summer or fall and decides when Razzy will send the mail that starts the Everlasting Flower quest line. The quest makes the most sense with the fall version, hence it's the default, but if you want to unlock everything sooner, more power to you!
  • GiftReactions turns unique reactions to everlasting flower gifts on and off, in case you don't want it… but why would you not want it?
  • [insert potential spouse name here]Relationship for every bachelor and bachelorette can be either platonic or romantic. Depending on this setting, the bachelors and bachelorettes will have either platonic or romantic reactions to Everlasting Fairy Roses. They're all set to platonic by default, so you should change the one (or ones, I don't judge) for the NPCs you want to date to romantic.

The prices for processed Everlasting Flowers are intended to be fairly close to the vanilla game's balance – the input flower's base price is multiplied by 2.5 while the processing itself takes 3 days. This means that processed fairy roses are very close to ancient fruit wine in terms of profitability over the span of one week. I'm honestly not entirely sure if I went overboard when it came to trying not to outshine vanilla ways of making money, though. If you have any thoughts on the matter, I'd be glad to hear them!

Any and all feedback is more than appreciated. Like how the sprites look? Hate how the events are written? Can't get it to work or noticeda bug? Just leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, feel free to ping me on the SDV discord server (same user name).

If you want to translate this mod, you're more than welcome to! It's fully internationalized (i18n'ed?) and currently available in English and German. Just let me know if you want to make or already made a translation and I'll add it to the files soon.

Mods in Screenshots

The portraits used in the screenshots are 1oxnes and talkohlooeys' Seasonal Portraits and the map recolor is VPR. The trees in Shane's dialogue screenshot are from Simple Foliage. I can only recommend all of them!

Personal Edits
Feel free to go ahead and make some personal edits and/or sprites for flowers I haven't made anything for yet! The base file I used for the dome is now downloadable in the optional downloads section as both an .ase file (with layers that make editing far easier) and a .png (without layers). A great free-to-use pixel art program is Libresprite. One thing, though – please ask me before uploading them to Nexus.

Everlasting Flowers Items

Is this safe to install or uninstall mid-save?
It should be! While JSON Assets has historically had some problems with JSON shuffles, I think these should be mainly sorted out. I can't guarantee anything, of course, but I personally didn't run into any problems while testing the mod.
To uninstall, simply delete Everlasting Flowers from your mod folder. It's best to get rid of any items added by the mod beforehand, though, just to be safe.

Will you make unique sprites and descriptions for modded flowers, too?
Why thank you for being interested in more sprites, my dear imaginary inquirer. Yes, I absolutely will! I plan on doing the flower mods I use myself first – these being Mizu's Flowers and the three flowers from PPJA More Trees. Expect an update soon-ish. They're live now! If you have any suggestions for other flowers I should make sprites for, please do leave a comment!
I won't, however, make sprites for Farmer to Florist as it has very strict permissions – to be precise, it's not allowed to even link it as a required mod. Short form: no F2F, sorry!

Currently on the to-do list:

  • Mizu's Flowers Done!
  • PPJA More Trees' flower trees Done!
  • The 2 flowers added by Trinkets Done!
  • Lumisteria Flowers and Crops Done!
  • Quaint Living – Flower Garden… yes, all 45 flowers. Why am I doing this to myself again?

Will you make more custom gift dialogue, maybe even for custom NPCs?
Well, maybe. I haven't played SVE, ES or RSV enough (or at all) to have any idea how the potential spouses would react and don't want to write something wildly out of character, so for for the time being, the answer's no. Somewhere down the line, though, this might change.

Everlasting Flowers Items

If I listed everyone who helped me along the way, I'd end up naming half the SDV discord which would make this section just a tad too long. I Instead, I'd like to give a special shout-out to…

  • Flour, my hypewoman and an absolute inspiration when it comes to JA items,
  • Lani, who gave amazing feedback to improve the sprites and did some accidental proofreading (I know it's not spelled “hystorically”, I swear!),
  • Holy, who helped me find out why the recipe didn't unlock when it should have (guess what, human error),
  • Nicole, who prevented the mail from accidentally overwriting every other letter sent on fall 1 and gave me the pep talk that kinda started all this, and
  • Agent Lyoko, who's basically single-handedly responsible for getting the config when the mail arrives to work.

You're amazing and I couldn't have done this without all of you! And even if you're not on this list, I still very much appreciate your help!

Of course, credit goes to Pathoschild, digus and spacechase for creating the frameworks I used to make this mod. Without them, I literally couldn't have done this.

Additionally, a huge thank you to TheAppleSauceIsStale and Lumisteria for allowing me to use their sprites as the basis for making everlasting flowers for the ones their mods introduced!

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 09 March 2023 10:33PM | Original upload: 24 February 2023 8:38PM | Created by: Doragoun | Uploaded by: Doragoun | Virus scan: Safe to use


Everlasting Flowers Items

In-game preview

Now features unique items for Mizu's Flowers and PPJA More Trees

New unique items for the flowers added by Trinkets

Now also has unique items for Lumisteria's Flowers and Crops (falling leaves not included)

Custom mail

Custom quests (Rasmodia version)

Custom events (part 1)

Custom events (part 2)

Compatible with Less Ugly Town Interiors, SVE and Rasmodia

Custom gift reactions (part 1)

Custom gift reactions (part 2)

Custom gift reactions to roses (platonic version)

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