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Enjoy Stardew Valley with Hot Chocolate Coffee Alternative, the mod that improves the game with more features. With Hot Chocolate Coffee Alternative Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

I'm not a coffee drinker. I made this mod, to be able to not lose out on the benefits of it, in-game, while sipping on comfy hot chocolate.

This mod intends to give you an alternative to using all of the coffee related items, in the game.
It introduces Cocoa Beans, Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Goo and a Hot Cocoa Ring, to supplement or replace, respectively, Coffee Beans, Coffee, Triple-Shot Espresso and the Hot Java Ring.

The only reason for this is, that I personally don't like coffee, but didn't want to hamper my gaming experience, by not drinking it.

How to Obtain the items.
Cocoa Beans


Sold by Krobus for 35 G, from the beginning of year 2. 1% chance to be dropped by Dust Sprites.

Hot Chocolate


Sold by Gus for 400 G. Five Cocoa Beans put in a Keg will make Hot Chocolate, after two in-game hours.

Hot Chocolate Goo


Recipe and drink Sold by Gus for 10000 G and 1200 G, respectively, from Fall 1, Year 2, during every Fall and Winter.
After buying the recipe, they are cooked, using three Hot Chocolates to make one Goo.

Hot Cocoa Ring


Once you reach the Mr. Qi Wallnut Room on Ginger Island, you will receive a mail, with the recipe, not long after.
It takes:
1 Prismatic Shard
5 Iridium Bars
999 Hot Chocolate Goo


Hot Chocolate


Gives +1 Speed and +1 Luck, for about 125 seconds.

Hot Chocolate Goo


Gives +1 Speed and +1 Luck, for about 500 seconds

Hot Cocoa Ring


Any monsters spawned by the game, while the player is wearing the ring, have a 25% chance to drop Hot Chocolate, and a 7.5% chance to drop Hot Chocolate Goo.

Cocoa Beans grow in Spring and in Summer, take 10 days to grow at first, and then regrow every two days, similarly to Coffee beans.

Gift Tastes
Villagers have tastes regarding and can be gifted Cocoa Beans, Hot Chocolate, and Hot Chocolate Goo.
Cocoa Beans Tastes


            “Love”: [“Krobus”, “Harvey”, “Maru”, “Dwarf”, “George”, “Gus”, “Kent”, “Linus”],
            “Like”: [“Alex”, “Haley”, “Leah”, “Abigail”, “Sebastian”, “Evelyn”, “Shane”, “Caroline”, “Lewis”],
            “Neutral”: [“Wizard”, “Elliott”, “Sandy”, “Demetrius”, “Willy”, “Emily”, “Clint”, “Marnie”, “Pam”],
            “Dislike”: [“Penny”, “Sam”, “Robin”, “Jodi”, “Leo”, “Pierre”],
            “Hate”: [“Jas”, “Vincent”]

Hot Chocolate Tastes


            “Love”: [“Jas”, “Penny”, “Krobus”, “Robin”, “Abigail”, “Demetrius”, “Evelyn”, “Gus”, “Vincent”],
            “Like”: [“Sam”, “Willy”, “Elliott”, “Shane”, “Emily”, “Maru”, “Caroline”, “George”, “Jodi”, “Kent”, “Lewis”, “Linus”, “Marnie”],
            “Neutral”: [“Haley”, “Alex”, “Leo”, “Pam”, “Pierre”],
            “Dislike”: [“Harvey”, “Sebastian”, “Leah”, “Clint”, “Sandy”],
            “Hate”: [“Wizard”, “Dwarf”]

Hot Chocolate Goo Tastes


            “Love”: [“Krobus”, “Abigail”, “Penny”, “Shane”, “Jodi”, “Linus”, “Vincent”, “Willy”, “Demetrius”, “Evelyn”, “George”, “Gus”],
            “Like”: [“Sam”, “Emily”, “Marnie”, “Robin”, “Elliott”, “Caroline”, “Kent”, “Lewis”],
            “Neutral”: [“Jas”, “Haley”, “Alex”, “Dwarf”, “Pam”, “Pierre”],
            “Dislike”: [“Leah”, “Maru”, “Clint”, “Leo”, “Sandy”, “Wizard”],
            “Hate”: [“Harvey”, “Sebastian”]

This mod has been inspired by Cocoa Plant and Chocolate Cooking (JA), by eorrl. I really enjoyed it, but it didn't quite give me the complete alternative to coffee I was looking for, so I decided to play around with making something of my own.

Warning: Cocoa Beans can be put in the Seed Maker, making more Cocoa Beans. This is not behaviour I intended, but making an exception for Seed Makers with Cocoa Beans would be a massive pain. Would probably require some wonky harmony patching, and things like Automate change behaviour for that, too, so, I would have to include an optional patch for that, too. Who knows what else interacts with it. Decided to just give up on that.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 06 April 2023 4:15AM | Original upload: 06 April 2023 4:15AM | Created by: certifiableGrimalkin | Uploaded by: SomniaDulcia | Virus scan: Safe to use


Hot Chocolate Goo

Cocoa Bean

Cocoa Plant

Kegged Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Hot Cocoa Ring

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