Enjoy Stardew Valley with Trinkets, the mod that improves the game with more features. With Trinkets Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Adds plenty of new craftable items that you can decorate with or profit from.

Trinkets is all about making little knickknacks to put in your house, or you can give them out or sell them, up to you! There's wool and cloth dyeing, there's spinning thread, there's pulling a magical build-a-bear using the essences of light and darkness all to make a particularly fancy teaset. And there's currently 47 trinkets, 86 new items in total! I highly recommend using Lookup Anything to easily see every recipe, or you can view this article!


There's two new machines added by this mod: The Metal Dye Pot, and the Whimsychine.
The Dye Pot uses flowers to both dye wool and mix paint.

The Whimsychine does one thing only, and that's harnessing the power of stars, shadow, light and fairy magic to create hearts — Petrichor Hearts! These are the key ingredients in the most valuable new items that you can craft, but it takes lots of work to get one.

.*.Crafting Station

he Bottega (or artist's table) is this mod's main tool. It works as a crafting station — all of the new craftable items can only be made from here, not in your regular crafting menu. Robin has a blueprint for one — and for the Metal Dye Pot — up for sale.


The valley is alive with two new wildflowers in the warmer months, as well as the mysterious Star Jelly, which can pop up just about anywhere. The Lily Of The Valley appears in Spring, and the Bat Flower appears during Summer… or anytime on Ginger Island, its native continent. They're both used for crafting and dyeing, but while you can forage for them easily when they're in season, you can't grow them yourself without the help of a Seed Maker. Their wildflower status means that no one really bothers to sell their seeds…

Star Jelly can be processed in a furnace to make Crystalized Star Jelly, which is important in acquiring Petrichor Hearts! Otherwise, you could probably give it to the Wizard. He might like it.


Cotton is a summer-fall crop that's also key in crafting. You can harvest them like blueberries or potatoes, getting multiple at a time, but it's not the most profitable fruit all on its own.

Additionally, the crop versions of the new flowers can grow in more seasons than their wild counterparts — Lillies surviving in winter and Bat Flowers persisting until Autumn.


Porcelain requires the new mineral Petuntse, but it's not native to the valley. Fortunately, both the desert trader and the traveling merchant have some in their stock! It's an expensive investment, but with the power of crystalariums, you can quickly multiply your porcelain supply for free!

.*.Alternative Textures Pack.*.

The optional AT pack retextures tables and end tables to be fancy displays, or entirely invisible. 
So you can (technically) put stuff on the floor! It also retextures the house plants into the mature Lily and Bat Flower crops, so you can put them outside as decoration, if that's something you want to do!

+- Compatibility -+

Trinkets' forage can also show up in:

Ridgeside Village
East Scarp
Stardew Valley Expanded
Stardew Valley Additional Areas

Most items also have gift tastes included for characters added by these mods!

This mod's cotton shouldn't conflict with PPJA's cotton, but it might still be strange to have two of them..?
Compatible with Floral Megamix — my mod's Lily Of the Valley crop will be disabled, meaning it can only be foraged, but the item is still there. Again, you'll have two Lillies.

x+x Known Issues x+x

Items not appearing in shops: If this happens, make sure you've installed / updated everything correctly, both this mod and all its dependencies ( and don't do it with Vortex! ) Shop stock will revert to vanilla if the vendor is at the island resort, no matter what.
Multiplayer shenanigans: This mod is untested with multiplayer and will probably remain that way, make sure everybody has the mod and proceed with caution!

+*- Translations / Languages -*+

– English
– Chinese ( via 

*-+- Future Updates -+-*

Currently, I have plans to add:

– Giant versions of Cotton, Lillies Of The Valley and Bat Flowers
– Mail that sends you some Cotton ( in the case that you've installed the mod during Winter )
– An option for toy and trinket recipes to be unlocked gradually through friendship, events and time milestones (and monster slaying goals, if possible).

And I hope I can get to:

–  Felts for the Skull Caverns and Quarry monsters
– A few quests and/or special orders
– A custom bundle, or editing one of the vanilla bundles.


This mod was inspired by Wildflour's mods and Acearohippo's Doll Maker! Go check 'em out!
Mods used in photos are Earthy Recolor, Alya's Furniture Recolor Pack, and Ridgeside Village.

The scrolls in this mod's images were made using kdau's Scroll Generator.

Also, thank you to everyone who encouraged me while I was making this. I don't really know how to respond to comments, but I'm really happy that you like the silly stuff I do, ha.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy Trinkets!


MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 12 March 2023 12:05PM | Original upload: 18 February 2023 11:40AM | Created by: applesauce | Uploaded by: TheAppleSauceIsStale | Virus scan: Safe to use


Trinkets Items

Trinkets Items

Trinkets Items

Trinkets Items

Trinkets Items

With Alya's Furniture Recolor

Star Jelly and Lily in Ridgeside

Bat Flower on the island

Um... who put all this stuff here?

Tea garden! :}

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