Livestock and Animals

Like a Duck to Water

Makes ducks actually want to swim in water once they have been fed and petted; also makes water tiles more accessible to ducks and adds friendship points towards the farmer when ducks are able to swim.

StarAmy’s BFAV Farm Horses

Adds male and female horses, products, and recipes to the game using BFAV and a handful of other frameworks.

Truly Rainbow Trout

A silly little mod for Content Patcher to make rainbow trout ACTULLY rainbow!

(CP) Pastel Horse

A mod that simply changes the horse to be pink with a lavender saddle :)

BFAV Fancy Ducks

Adds a handful of new duck colors and four new types of duck feathers.Not fully tested! Please report any problems and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.

Void Pig

A new animal shop entry: Void Pig. Because why not.