StarAmy’s BFAV Farm Horses

Enjoy Stardew Valley with StarAmy's BFAV Farm Horses, the mod that improves the game with more features. With StarAmy's BFAV Farm Horses Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Adds male and female horses, products, and recipes to the game using BFAV and a handful of other frameworks.

Uses Better Farm Animal VarietyAnimal Husbandry ModBreeding OverhaulJson Assets, and Producer Framework Mod. With all of these running, this mod includes the following:

Adopt some friendly barn companions to match your riding horse! Female horses drop horseshoes to recycle into iron, while male horses drop manure and horse hair, the latter of which can be turned into DNA to use in the insemination syringe. They like getting carrots, wheat, and amaranth as feeding basket treats, and take 10 days to give birth. The meat they drop when butchered can be used in filling pies or in special pet treats*. 

~This mod acknowledges the fact that horses are made out of meat, and meat can be useful. If this bothers you, please skip this mod, or just always sell your ponies instead of using the ‘butcher' function. ~

You can try running it without all of the dependencies/corresponding content packs, but you will have fairly limited game function, and I recommend at least making sure the BFAV and JA sections are running. And, as a reminder, it is not safe to register modded animals in AHM shows at the moment.

They match my farm animal reskin (A&S, CP WIP), horse reskin (CP and A&S), BFAV Quail, and BFAV Bison. If you'd prefer horses closer to the vanilla art style, check out So Many Horses and Sport Horses.

Optional Adopt & Skin skins included, in all the same color/patterns as my riding horse version. 

*Function of pet treats still WIP

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 11 March 2023 7:47PM | Original upload: 11 March 2023 7:47PM | Created by: StarAmy | Uploaded by: StarAmy | Virus scan: Safe to use


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