Remolded Farmhouse 2

Slightly bigger second upgrade with optional bathroom in upper right corner and a larger basement in place of a southern room.

One Large Plot Greenhouse

This greenhouse offers a small room for storage and then one very large plot of dirt. You choose how to use the space: will you choose one big crop field or will you make an intricate design with pathing?

Lnh’s Natural Cellar


Lnh’s Ginger Island Overhaul


Bigger Standard Farm Redux

Who wouldn't want to have a bigger farm? There are always more machines and buildings to put up...

Better Standard Farm

A redesign of the Standard Farm with more gras, fishing pond and a new Farm Cave.

Cabo Stardew

Una nueva zona para explorar cerca del mar.

Lnh’s Fantasy Farm Cave


Lnh’s New Island Farm


Four Portals Farm

This map mod replaces the normal farmIt's similar to the four corners map but has 4 identical farms with portals in the middle of each to take the player to a court yard with 4 portals there.

Lnh’s Sky Farm


Simply Cleaner Sewer

Tired of all the clutter getting in the way, or imagine Stardew Valley would have a cleaner sewer? Or Perhaps you just want Krobus to have a nicer home! Let's fix that!

Zenith Farm

a farm map high atop the mountains with a beautiful view of the valley below