Stardew Access

Enjoy Stardew Valley with Stardew Access, the mod that improves the game with more features. With Stardew Access Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

An accessibility mod for Stardew Valley with screen reader and keyboard only support!

Stardew Access

An accessibility mod for Stardew Valley for Windows and linux with features like screen reader support for menus, chat, etc, read tile,
keybinds to speak certain information like time, money, current
location, etc.

Feel free to report any issue or new feature suggestion over on the issues page.

Visit the wiki to see more details – here


Read Tile:-

Reads the name and information about the tile the player is currently looking (not the one the player is standing on).

Tile Viewer:-

Allows browsing of the map and snapping mouse to tiles with the arrow keys. This Feature can be used to place items into the world like calendar.


Plays the sound at any point of interest nearby. This feature is not fully developed so any feedback is welcome.

Snap Mouse:-

Snaps the mouse cursor to the adjacent tile to the player according to the direction the player is facing.


Warns the player when their health or stamina/energy is low. Also warns when its past midnight.

NEXUSFILEly Triggered:-

These features are manually triggered when a certain key is pressed.

Related Keybinds:-

  • `[ or Ctrl Enter`    = Simulate mouse left click.
  • `] or Shift Enter` = Simulate mouse right click.
  • `H` = Narrate health and stamina.
  • `Left alt + K` = Narrate current location name.
  • `K` = Narrate player position.
  • `Q` = Narrate the time of day, day and date and season
  • `R` = Narrate the money the player has currently.

(The description will be updated soon)

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 10 April 2023 6:25PM | Original upload: 08 April 2023 7:22PM | Created by: Mohammad Shoaib Khan | Uploaded by: TheOneWhoKnocks003 | Virus scan: Safe to use


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