Siasz's June Portraits Portraits

Siasz’s June Portraits

This is just a simple anime inspired June portrait for Portraiture that I drew for everyone to use in game if they would like to, I received permission to do so from the original creator of June, ch20youk. Enjoy!
Seb With Swag Portraits

Seb With Swag

small edits to Sebastian's look to make him more scrunkly to me. adds piercings, options to give him different hairstyles (long, short, or keep it default), and other slight tweaks to his portraits and sprites.
CharlieBarley Memory Portraits Portraits

CharlieBarley Memory Portraits

This mod will replace the portraits of certain characters with portraits designed by CharlieBarley from their "Drawing Stardew Villagers From Memory" video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH11zZkOV-s&t=625s