Visuals and Graphics

Hello Kitty Bus Visuals and Graphics

Hello Kitty Bus

Retextures the Stardew Valley Bus into a Hello Kitty Bus inspired by the ones in Japan.
Starblue Valley in Spanish Visuals and Graphics

Starblue Valley in Spanish

Cuando por primera vez jugué Stardew Valley con mods quise cambiar un poco las texturas del juego fue ahí cuando encontré Starblue Valley con mi decepción de que no estaba traducido completamente al español.Esta traducción tiene como objetivo solucionar eso.
Simple Foliage Animated Festive Winter Tree (CP-A) Visuals and Graphics

Simple Foliage Animated Festive Winter Tree (CP-A)

A remake of the Animated Festive Winter Tree mod by Paradigmnomad using Simple Foliage retexture and various recolours.Inspired by Animal Crossing, on the days before the Feast of the Winter Star, all pine trees will have animated holiday lights on them, or optionally have them on all Winter!
smallcopper's icons Visuals and Graphics

smallcopper’s icons

adds some pretty options for the relationship indicator icon on the dialogue screen :)
Sebastian's Purple Motorcycle Visuals and Graphics

Sebastian’s Purple Motorcycle

This mod is a recolor of Sebastian's motorcycle every time it is seen in the game.* 4 Heart Garage Event* 10 Heart Mountain Event parked in his yard and on mountain by City.* Custom Spouse Patio with a wrench lying beside bike. I will try to do a better customization of the patio later.
Hole Removal Service Visuals and Graphics

Hole Removal Service

Removes a number of possibly triggering imagery surrounding holes in game in order to assist with trypophobia issues.
Cuter Farmer Overalls for CP Visuals and Graphics

Cuter Farmer Overalls for CP

I love a cute overall as much as the next person and the default ones just weren't doing it for me. So I made this.