(AT) Cute Pink and White Craftables for Alternative Textures

Enjoy Stardew Valley with (AT) Cute Pink and White Craftables for Alternative Textures, the mod that improves the game with more features. With (AT) Cute Pink and White Craftables for Alternative Textures Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

A set of cute pink and white craftables for Alternative Textures!

So I've had some of these textures sitting in my files for years now, from a time before the fantastic Cute Valley Pink by Rosalie encompassed as much of the game as it does now; back when, I started retexturing the craftables for myself to match my farm. I didn't end up doing anything public with it, as I never finished, and Rosalie added so much to her mod. However, now that the amazing Alternative Textures, by PeacefulEnd, means you can use multiple texture sets, I thought I'd share the craftables I'd made and see about making a more complete set.

The craftable set isn't fully complete yet, but there's a good chunk of them done- almost all the machines for your farm, and a handful of other decorations and such! Finished items include the following;

Auto-grabber, Auto petter, Bee House, Bone Mill, Cask, Charcoal Kiln, Cheese Press, Chest, Crab Pot, Crystalarium, Deconstructor, Farm Computer, Feed Hopper, Furnace, Garden Pot, Geode Crusher, Heavy Tapper, Hopper, Incubator, Iron Lamppost, Junimo Chest,  Keg, Lightning Rod, Loom, Mayonnaise Machine, Mini-Shipping Bin, Oil Maker, Ostrich Incubator, Prairie King Arcade System, Preserves Jar, Recycling Machine, Seed Maker, Slime Egg-Press, Slime Incubator, Tapper, Telephone, Wicked Statue, Wood Chipper, Wood Lamppost, Worm Bin

1. Make sure that you have both SMAPI and Alternative Textures correctly installed in your Stardew Valley folder.
2. Unzip the ‘[AT] More Buildings for Cute Valley' folder and drop it into your ‘Mods' folder in the main SDV game folder.
3. Buy the Paint Bucket tool from Robin, to use on your items and retexture them.
4. Congrats, you're done and ready to retexture! Enjoy your new farm!


  • Massive credit, of course, to Rosalie on the Chucklefish forums, as they created the original Cute Valley mod and provided so much inspiration for these textures!

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 19 March 2023 8:32AM | Original upload: 19 March 2023 8:18AM | Created by: BeneathThePlass | Uploaded by: BeneathThePlass | Virus scan: Safe to use


(AT) Cute Pink and White Craftables for Alternative Textures Visuals and Graphics

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