Stardew Valley Content Patcher Mods

One Large Plot Greenhouse

This greenhouse offers a small room for storage and then one very large plot of dirt. You choose how to use the space: will you choose one big crop field or will you make an intricate design with pathing?

Custom NPC Uriell

Uriell has come to the valley, but isn't he a bit... Unpredictable? Is he a bastard? Or is he just a airhead? He is also not interested in exploring his supernatural heritage or go out on adventures at all! You might call it unambitious, but he is living his dream!

cp-Annie’s emotes

♡ 替换了原版黑白配色的气泡,一共有5种配色(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ ♡

Bigger Standard Farm Redux

Who wouldn't want to have a bigger farm? There are always more machines and buildings to put up...

Haley Dog Girl – Town NPC

Endow dear Haley with cat ears and tail as she makes her life in the town. (Elegant shoes not included dear).