Stardew Valley English Mods

ChildhoodSweetheart Caroline – English

English translation(English version) of the mod ChildhoodSweetheart Caroline from SorkrimpReplace all files from original mod folderIf Caroline does not accept your bouquet or marriege proposal - just reload the day and try again


The mod adds a new magic system to the game, it tries to be simple and balanced.

(JA) Geranium Flower

Adds a pink geranium flower to the game. More types of geraniums are planned to be added.

Romantic love letters

With this mod, NPCs will respond to your friendship (love) in the form of love letters. The content of the letter changes with the season, and there will also be invitation letters from NPCs the day before the festivals.

Animated Inventory Tabs – Starry Night

This mod is a recolor of Animated Inventory Tabs by NoFogBob for use with the Starry Night Interface mod. It provides animations for the Inventory icons, the icons on the Skills and Collections pages, as well as the Money and Clock icons on the Load Save screen.

Dating Haley

This content patcher mod adds a number of events while dating Haley.(Já traduzido para português) - Este MOD inclui vários eventos que aparecem enquanto você estiver namorando a Haley.

Fruit Rebalance

Changes the prices of fruit grown from fruit trees to make fruit trees more viable.

Mini Mill

I got tired of the regular mill taking up farm space so i made a smaller one that also makes rhubarb into sugar and amaranth into flour