Stardew Valley Works with Stardew 1.5 Mods

Show Daily Luck

When you wake up, tells you your daily luck in the chat so you don't have to check the TV.


The mod adds a new magic system to the game, it tries to be simple and balanced.

(JA) Geranium Flower

Adds a pink geranium flower to the game. More types of geraniums are planned to be added.

Seed Image Fix

Replaces the Sunflower Seed, Taro Tuber, and Rice Shoot item images with a seed packet like the others.

Yandere Elliott Dialogue Expansion espanol

Traducción al español de Yandere Elliott Mod de KatherineC4. ¡Este mod convierte a Elliott en un yandere! Incluye diálogo adicional, correo y eventos para cada estado de relación.

Animated Inventory Tabs – Starry Night

This mod is a recolor of Animated Inventory Tabs by NoFogBob for use with the Starry Night Interface mod. It provides animations for the Inventory icons, the icons on the Skills and Collections pages, as well as the Money and Clock icons on the Load Save screen.

PVP Friendly Fire

Adds PVP to multiplayer! Attack your frenemies (either intentionally or accidentally)!