Berserk-Guts Character Creation

Explore the possibilities of Berserk-Guts Character Creation, the mod that improves your Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty experience. Berserk-Guts Character Creation Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Mod for customizing your gameplay. Find out how to set up and use it with our detailed guide below.

Mod Description

Guts Character Creation. GamePass Version
Character Preset Sliders are provided in the image tab and in a downloadable
notepad file for steam users.

Guts Character Creation.
GamePass Version
Character Creation Code for Gamepass   WLX-mPAf3BQmH%xHD
You can copy and paste mPAf3BQmH%xHD into the character creation thing if on gamepass version. 

Character Preset Sliders are provided in the image tab for steam users.
The screenshots of the preset sliders are broken down into parts and are listed in the image tab.

Alternatively, a notepad file will be contained in the downloads tab listing the slider values
without the visuals. 

Couldn't figure out what to pick for the hair so you'll have to experiment if you're not fond of the default pick.
Offered some alternative hair options in images… Do with that as you will.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 07 March 2023 9:06PM | Original upload: 07 March 2023 9:06PM | Created by: KiMellow | Uploaded by: KiMellow | Virus scan: Safe to use


Base Sliders

Face Shape Sliders pt1

Face Shape Sliders pt2

Face Shape Sliders pt3

Aging Sliders

Eyebrow Sliders pt1

Eyebrow Sliders pt2

Eye Sliders pt1

Eyes Sliders pt2

Iris Sliders

Nose Sliders pt1

Nose Sliders pt2

Mouth Sliders pt1

Mouth Sliders pt2

Ears Sliders

Face DecorSliders

Final Result Front View

Final Result Side View

Hair Alternative3

Hair Alternative13

Hair Alternative14

Hair Alternative20

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